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What is the difference between coaching and mentoring?

'Coaching' and 'Mentoring' are often confused with each other - and indeed there are aspects of each, in the other.

To put very simply:

"Coaching is working with you to empower you to get what you want and be successful"

"Mentoring is working with you and your business to make your business a success"

You know nothing about me. How do you know you can help me?

Every individual is different... and the same! We ALL have self-doubt, and doubt in others. We're ALL afraid of failing - but at varying degrees, and in different areas of our lives. But NONE of us was born with this fear and lack of confidence! We've 'inherited' it - mostly unconsciously - and learned it, throughout our entire lives. Our focus is to enable you to recognise your own pre-set limitations - and remove those barriers, once and for all!

What 'type' of person are your training courses aimed at?

YOU! The very fact that you're reading this illustrates that you recognise 'something' is holding you back - and you're right! That 'something' looks right back at you from the bathroom mirror, every morning.

I've been on loads of training courses before. They've only ever been partially successful, at best. Why are your training courses going to be any different?

With respect, any training course that fails to do what it sets out to do, is down to one or two individuals. The trainer or the trainee! Where the fault lies, is another thing altogether - but the harsh reality is, it's probably down to you! No-one else can stop you achieving what you REALLY WANT to achieve . . . but it takes hard work and real guts, to accept our own shortcomings. (It's so much easier when it's 'somebody else's fault!')

On any of your courses, how quickly will I be able to see positive results?

Many of the techniques used will have an instant effect on the delegate's motivation and energy levels. Other techniques used will bring about a gradual change in the delegate, over a period of weeks and months.