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Businesses seldom thrive without expert attention. Few businesses have an 'expert' in the driving seat! Whilst the driving force may know everything they need to know about their product or service, they may not be best placed to deal with the office systems and processes, HR requirements, Health & Safety issues, vehicle purchases or maintenance, expansion programs, staffing policies, staff morale, accounts, invoice production, Banks, customers, suppliers, the Inland Revenue... and so on.

Whether you have a new company or are running an established business, as your mentor I will bring along my set of skills, knowledge and 30 years of business experience and join powers with you so that together we take your business to the next level and beyond. I will be working directly with you, your business and your business partner(s) and you will be free to pick my brain at the benefit of your business growth and development.

Your Business Mentoring includes:

  • Identifying your business's strengths and weaknesses and generally evaluating where it is now
  • Deciding where your business is heading and what your targets are
  • Creating an action plan towards reaching your targets
  • Building solid, saleable business assets
  • Developing your business to work for you and for you to have the lifestyle you only dream about now
  • Equipping you with everything you need to succeed in business and life
  • Ensuring that you are an expert in your field
  • Coaching you around any limiting beliefs and decisions you might have taken involving your business and you as a business persona
  • Teaching you to choose the right staff for each position you want to fill
  • Building a successful business team where your employees are happy and dedicated and you feel confident to step aside whenever you wish to
  • This package will be specifically tailored to address the goals, issues or problematic elements within your business. I will need to gain a good and detailed understanding of the business, including such information as past trading history, profit and loss, overhead costs, cash-flow forecasts, expansion plans, etc. I will observe how you run your business, and will involve speaking with your management team and your staff.

    The Mentoring Package includes:

  • Face to face four hour strategy meeting - to see where you and your business are and what you want to achieve
  • Up to five full days at your place of business to:
    • Fly on the wall observation of your business followed by a detailed discussion with you.
    • Spending time with you and your staff, observing, asking questions and making notes.
    • Discussing my observations with you, constructively and with complete honesty.
    • Jointly setting goals and making a plan of action for you and your business.
    • Building and developing your business to achieve your planned outcome.
  • Ten Skype progress and planning calls
  • Further two days at your work place as you require
  • Final four hours debrief and assessment
  • The above is not set in stone and can be varied to suit you business and progress of your development.

    As your mentor and coach, I will be your friend, someone who really cares about you and your business. I will be your biggest critic and your objective feedback feeder. I am committed to help you to be the best that you can be. I will not let you off the hook. I will enable you to achieve your goals and build the business to which you aspire.

    Investment for business mentoring:

    £26,997.00 + VAT

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